The following rules apply to the SOGT 2024:

  • The tournament is played in accordance to the Slope Index regulation applicable for Stavanger Golfklubb.
  • Medal players play according to the rules of Golf approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) and Local Rules.
  • Stableford players are subject to additional rules. These rules, called “SOGT – Special Rules“, are introduced to speed up the game.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Organizing Committee before, during or after the rounds.

General Etiquette

  • Avoid slow play at all times
  • Do not look for lost ball more than 5 minutes
  • If playing Stableford, cease playing when you are no longer able to score points, mark your card with an “X”
  • Replace all divots, and repair pitch marks (remember pitch fork!)
  • Smooth sand in bunkers

General rules

  1. The Organizing Committee (the Committee) is the final authority on rules, prizes and any dispute arising during the tournament.
  2. Handicap Adjustment. The Committee reserves the rights to adjust handicaps at any time, between competition days included. Handicap Adjustments between competition days will normally be according to rules set by ‘Norges Golfforbund’.
  3. Tee Off Times. The play starts at 08:00 a.m. by a shotgun-start on both days. Start hole numbers will be assigned at check-in time on each day. Penalty for late start is disqualification (no 5-minute rule) and the tournament fee will not be refunded.
  4. Prizes. To be eligible for prizes, all (i.e. 36) holes must be completed in regular play, except for a weather-related cancellation, see rule 6.
    Except for the winner of lowest gross (stroke play), no player will be eligible for more than one prize (trophies are not considered as prizes in this context). Hence, if a player is top three in his / her group, then that player cannot receive a special hole prize (closest to pin, most accurate drive, longest drive) as well.
    If a player wins more than one special hole competition, he / she will be deemed to win on the lowest hole number (e.g. hole 3 ranks before hole 10). Further, a win on Saturday at any hole will be deemed to be before a win Sunday (e.g. hole 17 on Saturday ranks before hole 5 on Sunday). In this situation, the next eligible player will receive the prize.
    On some holes, additional “gimmick-prizes” can be won.
  1. Ties. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided on the following basis, in the order they are listed:
    A. Better score on the last 18 holes
    B. Better score on the last 9 holes
    C. Better score on the last 6 holes
    D. Better score on the last 3 holes
    E. Better score on the last hole
    To determine the overall gross score winner in the event of a tie, the same procedure will be used with the substitution of gross for net. In the Stableford competition, the same procedure will be used with the substitution of Stableford points for net score.
  1. Cancellation. In the unlikely event of the Tournament being cancelled after play has commenced, prizes will be awarded on the basis of the holes played at the time of cancellation. Net scores and Stableford points will be calculated using the appropriate allowances at the specific holes. If insufficient holes have been played to award the special prizes, the Committee reserves the right to withhold these prizes after consultation with the sponsors.
  2. Safety signals. In some areas of the course, may have forecaddies. If so, they will have a red/green flag waving to indicate if it is safe to hit. A red flag means you must wait your turn, as the group in front has not finished. A green flag will be shown when it is safe to play.
  3. Local Rules. Local rules as indicated on the SGK scorecard are in effect throughout the 2024 Stavanger Oil Golf Tournament.
  4. Scorecards. It is the marker’s responsibility to record the number of strokes played and Stableford points awarded (if applicable). It is the player’s responsibility to ensure these numbers are correct. If you are not able to score Stableford points on a hole, please indicate “X”. Both player and marker must sign before submitting the scorecard. The committee will verify scores and Stableford points.


The speed of play shall be monitored by authorized rules marshals. Any group not keeping up with the speed of the play of the field shall be cautioned. If following one caution, slow play by the group persists, the rules committee may apply the R&A ruling of slow play and deduct 2 Stableford points from or add 2 strokes to medal scores for all members playing in the group.


Applicable for Stableford competitors only.

The competitors playing Stableford shall follow the golf rules of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew and local rules, except in the following cases:

  1. Strokes allowed. The number of strokes allowed is based on strokes given in accordance to the SLOPE INDEX at SGK. If for example your slope index adjusted handicap is 28, then you are allowed one stroke on every hole with stroke index (marked Hcp on scorecard) between 11 and 18, and two strokes on holes with stroke index between 1 and 10.
  2. Maximum number of Strokes. You must pick up your ball when your net score (number of strokes on a hole less handicap on the hole) exceeds bogey. Example: If you are receiving 28 strokes, you may use 7 strokes on hole number 1 (strokes on hole number 1 (stroke index 9). Pick up your ball before you hit the eighth. Consistent failure to do so may, at the Rules Committee’s discretion, result in a penalty (i.e. loss of a Stableford point). To facilitate scorecard validation place “X” in both score and points column for that hole.
  3. Lost Ball or Ball out of Bounds. If a ball is hit such that it finishes off the fairway (i.e. in woods or rough, or out of bounds), and is presumed possibly lost, the player must take the following immediate action:
    Hit a provisional ball(s). If the original ball cannot be found after searching for a maximum of 5 minutes, you play the provisional ball with loss of one stroke and distance (i.e. if lost ball is a tee shot, first provisional ball is stroke # 3, and next shot is stroke # 4. A second provisional ball would be stroke # 5).


Note: Failure to register or check-in before the deadlines may result in disqualification!